Lancaster County Coffee Roasters

My very delicious Lancaster purchase!

While in Lancaster, we stayed in a country inn that offered coffee each morning in the lobby.  While I am a lover of coffee, I am not especially fond of hotel coffee but I can usually doctor it up with enough cream to get me through until I find a breakfast or coffee shop.  So with very low expectations, I made my way to the lobby coffee bar and began to make my usual cup of joe, cream and no sugar.  To my surprise, the coffee had a very pleasing aroma and also achieved a good cream to coffee ratio with only a little cream which could mean one of two things, it’s really weak or really good.  But the true test would come down to flavor.  Nothing is worse than a good looking cup of coffee that tastes terrible.  So standing at the coffee bar, I took my fateful first sip and oooohhh my goodness was it delicious.  It was hands up the best tasting coffee I may have ever tasted!

To give you a little background, prior to our trip to Lancaster I had been looking for a good coffee to brew at home.  I shopped some online but that was overwhelming and I could have easily spent a small fortune before I found anything remotely satisfying.  And many of the store bought brands I had tried had a bitter and sometimes even metallically taste.  Yuck!  So honestly, as silly as this sounds, I was feeling a little defeated and hopeless about my coffee situation.  So to taste such a deliciously clean and fresh cup of coffee with great flavor was so exciting!  Praise the Lord, it was the perfect cup of coffee!  So as we were checking out, I asked the receptionist and she shared the coffee was a from a local roasting company in Lancaster and they had some for sale!  Yay, win win!

Lancaster Roasters = good coffee!

Not only did I find my perfect cup of coffee but I got to take it home!

So I did a little research on the Lancaster County Roasters and discovered that they are a family owned and operated small business (awesome) who purchase beans from around the world .  They wash and naturally dry their beans and roast them in small batches which would explain the clean and fresh flavor.  They certainly care about quality and the proof is in their product.  They have all sorts of flavors and blends you can try.  So far I have enjoyed their Signature Blend and Whoopie Pie.  Ordering online is super easy and you can subscribe to recurring orders if you’d like.  I live a few hours away but I usually receive my coffee within 3 business days of my online purchase.  I’m so happy I found this coffee and I highly recommend Lancaster County Roasters Coffee!

Happy Sipping!

Love, Wyn ❤️

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