The Good Way?

My family recently had the opportunity to visit Lancaster, PA with my parents who generously gifted us tickets to tour an Amish replica farm and a showing of David at Sight & Sound.  Our trip was complete with a delicious meal at Katie’s Kitchen, a tour of the Amish country side and a overnight stay at a quaint family owned hotel.  I had never visited Lancaster before so I had no idea what to expect of the town, people or theater.

One of the first unique sights of Lancaster we encountered was a horse drawn carriage making it’s way through town.  I loved the simplicity of the carriage and hearing the hooves trotting on the road but I can’t image that as my daily transportation.  It’s challenging enough getting myself and kids ready some days let alone a horse.  But may be the work is not as great as I perceive.  Either way, the horse drawn carriages were a fun and neat sight and definitely bring a unique charm to the Lancaster landscape.

I love those bright colors!

And while I was expecting to see the carriages, I was definitely not expecting to see the farm replica in town beside Target!  However, I will say kudos to Lancaster for preserving the farm for others to experience!  I greatly enjoyed the tour and while on the property did not feel like I was in town.  The farm offers a unique escape from modern day living and is certainly intriguing.  I especially loved learning about Amish spiritual practices, dress, community, schooling and occupations.  However, I wish there was more insight given into their daily lives and more opportunity to get to know the people.  It’s true, they live a radical lifestyle compared to the norm but are they happy?  How well does this community of people treat one another and how well do they get along?  Does their simple lifestyle and culture translate into greater peace and freedom from the troubles of the world or are their troubles similar to ours?  I wonder how they perceive our lives?  Are they happy with their way of living or do they wish they could live more like us?  Do they feel free or do they feel oppressed?  It’s definitely interesting to ponder and I’ll admit I left Lancaster with a greater curiosity about the Amish people.  I think it would be awesome if there was a way to become immersed into their culture to gain a greater understanding of how their way of living, values and beliefs shape their community.  It lends to wonder if perhaps this is the good way that the Lord would delight in for all His people to live.

Overall, we had a lovely time in Lancaster and look forward to our next visit!  Thanks Mom & Dad!

Wyn ❤️


Thus says the Lord, “Stand by the ways and see and ask for the ancient paths, Where the good way is and walk in it; And you will find rest for your souls.  Jeremiah 6:16


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