A Mind Made Up

But Daniel made up his mind.  Daniel 1:8 

Daniel made up his mind that he was going to honor God above all else.  He was fully committed to God and following his convictions.  And as a result, God not only granted Daniel favor and compassion but He also extended it to those around him.  Because of Daniel’s unwavering commitment to God, God gave them all good health, greater knowledge, intelligence, wisdom and understanding above all the others in his realm.  In fact, according to scripture, they were found ten times better!  

As you see with Daniel, power and influence is found in a mind made up for God.  God will always honor your commitments to Him and He is pleased when you choose Him above all else.  And the good news is that not only does His favor benefit you but also those closest to you!  Look around you today, who could benefit the most from your mind made up about God?  Who could benefit from your willingness to stand and unwillingness to compromise on God’s behalf?  Your spouse?  Your children?  Your family? Your friends?  Your co-workers?  Your school?  Your community?  Just think for a moment about what you could do with your mind made up for God.  

Bottomline, God will bless you when you make up your mind to honor Him above all else and even greater is that it only takes one committed person to bless many!  

Thank you Lord that you honor our commitments to You and Your word. There is no other God like you! Please Lord, give us the steadfastness, strength and courage of Daniel to make up our minds to follow You and Your ways above all else! Not only for ourselves but for every life around us. Thank you Lord for Your faithfulness! In Jesus name, Amen!

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