Eyes To See

Have you ever been looking for something in a particular place and you don’t see it but when you go back later the thing you were looking for was there all along in clear view.  You might wonder, how could I have not seen that?  Some of you might say, if it were a snake it would have bitten me.  Meaning, it was so close but you missed it.  It was right in front of your face but you couldn’t see it.  Has this happened to anyone? 

This happened to the Jews and the Pharisees.  They were looking to understand how a man who was born blind received his sight.  They questioned the man, they questioned his parents, and they questioned Jesus.  They were looking for answers but what they could not see was the answer was right in front of them.  Jesus’s very own people could not see God even when God was working in their presence.  They could not see God when God was standing directly in front of them.  Why?  Because they were spiritually blind.  Jesus said to them, “If you were blind, you would have no sin; but since you say, ‘We see,’ your sin remains.  Jesus was saying to them, you say you can see but your reaction to God says something different. 

Like the examples above, just because you have eyes it does not mean that you can see.  When what you are looking for is directly in front of you but you can not see it, it is because what is on the inside of you is not connecting to the eyes.  The Jews and the Pharisees did not accept Jesus, they did not believe He was the Son of Man and they did not believe that God had given sight to the blind man.  If they truly had God in their heart, they would have known and recognized Him but since they rejected Him, He called them blind.

A connection to Jesus is the key to having healthy eyes that can see.  Jesus is the light of the world and He is opening the eyes of the blind today with the power of His presence.  Those who receive Him, they will walk in the light and gain their sight.  For those who reject Him, you will be blind and left to the darkness.  There are many people today who think they can see, who think they have vision, but in all truth are blind.  They can not see because they are rejecting or not willing to believe in Jesus.  And believe me, you do not want to be standing before Jesus and not know Him.  

Jesus is the way to reconcile with God.  Jesus is the way to know God.  Jesus is the way for you to receive true sight and true vision for your life.  Jesus will open your eyes so you can see all the answers you are looking for and not miss them.  Jesus does not want you to be bitten by a snake for goodness sakes, He wants to give you eyes to see.  

If Jesus were standing before you today, would you be able to see Him?  

John 9:1-41, John 14:6

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