W is for Weekends and Waffles

My kids and I don’t always agree on what they should have for breakfast.  They’d prefer Frosted Flakes or Lucky Charms while I’d prefer eggs or fruit.  Sweetened cereal is not my favorite breakfast choice for the kids but I’m not fully opposed so I offer a compromise of eggs on the side.  Some days they agree more often times not.  As usual, Jolie and I were discussing breakfast choices and I was standing firm on my egg offer and she was not happy about it.  It looked as though breakfast was non negotiable and she would go without but after a few moments of silence she suggested we make waffles.

Now on this particular morning, I had a million things to do around the house and had zero plans of making anything like waffles but how could I refuse such a reasonable suggestion.  In my opinion, waffles are a healthier option than cereal and we get the added experience of cooking together which I love!  So without waffle mix, I consulted Pinterest for an easy waffle batter and found one very quickly.  I was able to begin our waffles right away because I had all the necessary ingredients, flour, sugar, baking powder, milk, eggs, vanilla and butter.  I had picked up an inexpensive waffle maker at Aldi sometime ago so I was good to go there.  To save time, I mixed the ingredients but usually I like to measure them out and allow her to mix.


Today she got to pour and bake which she was happy to do.  Her first pour overfilled the waffle iron and batter spilled making a mess as you can see.  That waffle turned out to be too dense and moist but it was okay.  Learning from the first, her second pour was much more controlled and less messy resulting in a near perfect waffle.  We did have to trim some edges but compared to the first it was much better.  She snacked on her waffles while she poured and prepared the others without butter or syrup!  Breakfast turned out to be fun and satisfying for us both!

I love moments in the kitchen with my kids.  I think learning to cook is such an important skill we should teach our children.  It does require more time to prepare and clean up but the reward is so great.  We are not just making food we are making memories.  Our time cooking together is quality and we learn a lot about our food preferences and learning styles.  Following the recipes teaches them how to follow directions and it rewards their obedience with a yummy treat.  They get to enjoy the work of their hands which I think boosts their confidence.  I also use the opportunity to teach them about food and how important it is to make good food choices for their health.  Like all parents, I want my children to be healthy and feel empowered and equipped to take good care of themselves and I believe providing them with a solid cooking foundation is a great way to do that.  Weekends are a great time to start! Happy cooking to you!

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