One of my favorite hobbies is baking! I love trying new recipes especially healthy ones that cater to my gluten allergy and the littles. Cole loves banana bread! Jolie is not much of a bread eater so she pitched in to assist me with mixing the batter. Both of my kiddos love helping me in the kitchen. This morning Jolie said while she was mixing, “Mommy I love baking with you.”. It was such a sweet moment we shared that I will never forget! It was sweeter than honey for sure!!

Baking is a great opportunity to teach children about the different ingredients and their role in making the yummy treats! Kinda like home economics and chemistry all in one!! It was fun and these bars are delicious. We talked about how eggs bind and how quinoa is not a grain and is very healthy. I substituted the coconut sugar with honey and flax meal with eggs. Make sure you look up the correct substitute for honey if you do that because it’s a liquid and can upset the balance of your recipe.

I give these bars two thumbs up! Jo wasn’t interested in trying them and Cole hasn’t tried one yet because he’s out with Mimi pulling weeds but I’m positive he will love them! If he doesn’t, I will let you know! He’s going through a growth spurt right now and would probably eat a cardboard box so odds are in my favor!

I am super thankful for the morning spent with my family in the kitchen and Alyssa @ for sharing her love for baking, this super pseduo-grain and her recipe.

Here are some photos of our morning! If you make these, I’d love to hear what you think and let Alyssa know too!!! Enjoy your day!

Super simple recipe!! I had everything in my cabinets except the flax which I substituted with eggs.
My sweet helper!
Ready for the heat!
Ready to eat!
Great book to learn more about how to eat better!! I use it as a resource regularly!

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