The Root

Happy Saturday!!  Hope you are feeling well and enjoying some much needed rest! It’s a cool rainy morning here in Virginia. We are about two weeks into social isolation due to the Coronavirus and I am enjoying the rest and extra time at home with the kids and hopefully you are too! You know with the good usually comes some bad so while overall it has been great, I confess I have started to struggle. 

So let me shed some light on what is going with me and maybe you can relate.  My mind is working overtime which historically for me can create problems in my heart which then starts to overflows into my faith.  When my faith gets weak, I can easily settle back into my old ways and old mindset. Which is not good. 

Like many of you, I stay busy and often don’t get around to dealing with emotional or relational baggage that we tend to collect as we stroll through life. Sometimes the baggage is heavy and unpleasant to deal with and so staying busy allows us to press our feelings down and put them on the back burner. So now with a week of rest and extra time on my hands all that energy has now seemed to have shifted into my thoughts. I’m in my head now more than ever and with that has crept in doubts and fears about my life. The life God has promised me.  My old mindset is beginning to rear its ugly head and trying to bring me down to a place I was so happy to leave behind!! I don’t want to go back to that place ever!  That place was destructive. That place was sadness. That place was lonely. That place was isolating. That place was miserable. That place was bitter. That place was hopeless.  I thank Jesus everyday for saving me from that hell. I am so much better with him, so why does my heart and mind tend to revert back to that mindset even when I know better? I have a hard time understanding. Don’t you? 

My conclusion is that I’m only human and life is hard. Jesus understands our troubles and temptations and that is why he so graciously extends his mercy to us on the daily. While it is his heart’s desire, he understands that we won’t always stay strong in faith.  He understands because he lived on earth and endured stress, temptation, and people lol. Even the disciples, who walked with Jesus and touched him, the very closest people to him dealt with weak faith. They saw miracles being performed right in front of their eyes and they still dealt with doubt and unbelief!!!  

For example, in Matthew 17: 14-20, the disciples tried to heal a demon possessed boy and had no success.  The boy’s father then went to Jesus and asked for his help. Jesus responded to the father and healed the boy.  The disciples couldn’t understand why they couldn’t heal the boy, Jesus told them they had access to God’s power and he sent them out to heal.  So why couldn’t they? Jesus very directly told the disciples it’s because they had so little faith. Their doubt and unbelief was preventing them from receiving the gift of healing power to help the boy.  

Jesus then tells them that they can have faith as small as a mustard seed and still have the power to move a mountain.  He says nothing will be impossible for you! That’s pretty hard to imagine right. Nothing? Really Jesus?  

Yes really! While God’s power is strong enough to physically move the mountain that he created Jesus is also talking about the huge mountains in your relationships, your work, your family and in your mind.  Some of you are trying to move mountains in your life with your own strength or the strength of others and all you have done is exhausted yourself and given up. Then your mental head game comes into play and your heart is a goner.  Doubt wins. Jesus loses. But wait, I am on Team Jesus and I just set him up for a loss? Yep, you sure did! Not only does Jesus lose but so do all the people who need you and Jesus. 

Friends, it’s not complicated.  The root of faith is belief. Jesus asks us simply to believe.  If the disciples would have believed, the boy could have received his healing sooner than he did.  The boy endured suffering longer because the disciples couldn’t get out of their thoughts and see beyond themselves and their abilities.  

So this week, use your free time and increase your belief and your faith.  Do not give into the thoughts and feelings in your mind that poison your heart and keep you from Jesus and your best life.  Believe that he is in control of the Coronavirus and in control of your life. Just believe.  

I believe there are three simple things you can do each morning to strengthen your daily belief.  The first, is to acknowledge Jesus and thank him for waking you up and giving you life. The second, pledge your allegiance to him.  Let him know that you are on his team and working for him today. And third, read the Bible every morning. He will teach and prepare you for your day.  You will start your day strong in belief and faith! Jesus said, “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness and everything you need will be given to you.” Matthew 6:33

Let us not delay healings and blessings for ourselves or for others any longer. Let us make a choice today to simply believe. Believing increases faith. Faith is the source of your power.  You have the power and strength to overcome the thoughts that are troubling you. The thoughts that are filling your heart with doubts and fear. Choose belief today.

Peace to you in Jesus Name, 


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  1. Beautiful words Wynter! I know I falter in my faith daily and that grace God gives us brings me back to him. Thank goodness!! Love ya! ❤️

    • Yes! Thank God for his grace and mercy! I love and miss you!!! Hope you and Bri are having fun! What am I saying?!? I know you are!!! 🥰

  2. Wynter, these are words to live by. God is good no matter the situation or circumstances we find ourselves. Especially right now. We are human and concerned about our friends and families and so many others. We have much time on our hands to think about the good and the bad. As you wrote, we just need to believe, have faith and total peace — He’s in control. Thanks for the inspirational words.

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